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July 2017


A new project from filmmakers Gar and Beth Hoover has been selected to screen at the 2017 L.A. Shorts International Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious short film festivals in the world.

The Academy-qualifying festival's 21st edition will take place in downtown Los Angeles, Aug. 2-10.

"Curtains," which tells the mostly true story of Peter Fleming, avant-garde legend and one-time bad boy of Cleveland’s experimental theatre scene, was produced by Beth Hoover and directed by Gar Hoover. It was shot entirely in Chicago and brought together top talent from the city’s film, theatre and comedy communities.

The film stars longtime Second City performers Brendan Dowling and Christopher Woolsey, along with supporting cast members Wolfgang Stein, Madelyn Murphy, Lara Carling, Kevin Viol, Megan Caton, Cooper Wise, Scott Piebenga, Costa Lapaseotes and Jack Curtin.

Crew includes sound recordist Tom Beach, makeup artist Megan Pirtle, production assistants Jack Curtin and Connor Lane, and second unit cinematographer Max Lollar. Original music was composed by Remington Pettygrove and performed by Pettygrove, Joe Shadid and Rob André.

Watch the trailer at

Founded in 1997, L.A. Shorts International Film Festival is officially recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The festival has screened 50 short films that have gone on to earn an Academy Award nomination. The festival’s alumni directors include Tim Burton, Bryan Singer, Shane Black, Jason Reitman, John Woo, Tony Scott, David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, and Ricky Gervais.

April 2017


A few teaser clips from ideafarm's dark comedy, CURTAINS, which tells the mostly true story of Peter Fleming, a struggling avant-garde theatre director who refuses to sell out, no matter how much he suffers for his artistic purity.

As an artist, Peter is many things. An iconoclast. A maverick. A theatrical deviant bent on pushing Art far beyond the limits of good taste. In these clips, you'll glimpse a side of Peter, the tortured soul, that few have ever seen — or ever wanted to see.

Brace yourself. It's about to get weird.

Above, Subcutaneous Theatre founder Peter Fleming (Brendan Dowling) being interviewed by Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Mark Pruitt (Chris Woolsey) for a yet-to-be published story on the controversial artist's mounting scandals. "Curtains" shares, for the first time, Pruitt's unedited interview -- captured on unseen cameras by an increasingly paranoid Peter -- along with rare archival footage of the disturbing productions that led to Peter's tragic fall and his avant-garde theatre's closure.

Want more Peter? See photos, cast bios, and a brief history of Cleveland's most notorious theatre at

January 2017


A few test shots from our run-through with Chicago-based indie pop musician Remington Pettygrove for an upcoming video shoot for his song, The Call. The video, which will be used for an Indiegogo campaign for his new concept EP, Tiny Treasures, is the latest ideafarm films project with Remy, who composed and performed original music for the comedy film, Curtains, now in post. Hear his Curtains track, The Juice, at

November 2016


Watch the trailer for CURTAINS, a narrative comedy in post-production directed by Gar Hoover. Curtains tells the mostly true story of Peter Fleming, avant-garde legend and one-time bad boy of Cleveland's experimental art scene. Starring two rock stars of Chicago's comedy theatre scene: Brendan Dowling of the famed Improvised Shakespeare Company, along with Second City and iO veteran performer Christopher Woolsey. Sign up for news and watch clips at

You can also follow the project on social at @ideafarmfilms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

July 2016


The new poster for the Paris Coffee Project doc series is here. If you dig coffee, Paris, or visionary people whose drive and entrepreneurial spirit will make you stand up and cheer, Paris Coffee Project is for you. Episodes coming to VOD this winter. Meantime, watch a few teasers here.

Follow the project @ideafarmfilms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.


Our doc-in-progress had one of its teasers featured on in a June 24, 2016 story called "A Day at a Parisian Café." The story includes a still of one of ideafarm's espresso-fueled filmmakers and showcases a fun teaser we created using some of the footage we shot at Café Lomi, one of the indie coffee shops in Paris that we featured.

See the article here:

And if you read Portuguese, check out the Paris Coffee Project story in Brazil's Mexido de Ideias, featuring teaser videos ideafarm created with our footage of Café Lomi, The Broken Arm, and Café Loustic:

June 2016


Watch the newest customer spotlight film ideafarm created for 415 Group, one of the largest accounting, business and IT consulting firms in Northeast Ohio.

In the film, TKG president Geoff Karcher talks about how 415 Group has helped his company grow from a one-man shop into a thriving 40-person category leader. TKG is an award-winning digital agency based in Akron and Canton, Ohio providing online marketing, web hosting, and web design and development services.

May 2016


Watch the latest short film ideafarm created for 415 Group, a leading accounting, business and IT consulting firm serving privately held companies in Northeast Ohio.

In the film, Lauren International CEO Kevin Gray talks about the value of his company's decades-long relationship with 415 Group, and how that partnership has helped support Lauren's phenomenal growth into a $200 million-plus company with 600 employees across multiple manufacturing facilities in the Midwest.

April 2016


See the first installment of a new corporate video series ideafarm is shooting and producing for Envoy Net Lease Partners, one of the nation's leading providers of net lease financing. The series officially launches at the nation's largest annual retail real estate conference, RECon, in Las Vegas May 22-25.

Featured in the film is Tom English, founder of Thomas English Retail Real Estate, talking about the challenges independent commercial real estate developers typically face when seeking construction loans under $10 million, and why Envoy has become his go-to capital partner. To date, Envoy has funded five projects for TERRE across the country.

February 2016


ideafarm had the pleasure of producing a series of new promotional music videos for Delta blues artist Diamond Jim Greene. Strap on a good pair of headphones and enjoy two of the videos below: Diamond Jim's cover of Skip James' "Prison Blues" and his whiskey-soaked take of Buddy Miller's "Wide River to Cross." Shot and directed by Gar.

September 2015


Getting ready to launch our new series about a lovable, easily distracted ride-share driver featuring the fantastic Justin James Farley. The 30-second opening is rockin' nearly 1,000+ plays on Facebook in the first 72 hours. Follow ideafarm and get ready for a wild ride.

Trippin' (title sequence)

Title sequence for a new series we're doing with the always amazing Justin James Farley. This is gonna be one wild ride.

Posted by Beth Hoover on Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 2015


We've got some good news and we wanna share: ideafarm projects are currently in the running at Catalina Film Festival, Denver Film Festival and Oregon Independent Film Festival. Here's to not stopping there. Thanks to all for the positive vibes -- keep 'em coming!



December 2014


It's on: prints capturing 24 panels from the historic East Side Gallery are now available on Etsy, making it possible to put some of the stunning public art from the Berlin Wall on yours. Each print is made to order on museum-quality fine art matte paper and shipped worldwide. Check it out at

Btw, we have a special 2-for-1 thing going on at the moment for our ideafarm friends, in either 6x9 or 8x12 size, through January 31, 2015. Pick one to buy, then mention "2-for-1" in the notes and tell us your second pick, which will ride along for free. Our way of saying thanks for digging the art.

October 2014


Like the French New Wave filmmakers of the '60s, the baristas behind the new indie cafés popping up all over Paris are every bit as iconoclastic. In their quest to bring good coffee to Paris, these rebels are experimenting with the concept of what a Parisian café is — and inventing a wholly new, fresh, decidedly French coffee shop style for a new generation. Locals, tourists and international press are discovering — and digging — this hip alternative to the City of Light's traditional cafés.

So many people have asked us about what these new specialty cafés are like, we wanted to try to convey the experience. While continuing to edit the Paris Coffee Project documentary, we had a little fun with some of the café footage we shot and put together a few "sneak peek" videos that take you inside. Check out when you have your next coffee and get a feel for the vibe of the artisanal coffeehouses taking Paris by storm, including Café Lomi, Holybelly, La Caféothèque, Café Loustic, The Broken Arm and more.

Follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.

September 2014


"The Art of the Wall," Gar Hoover's photographic series that captures some of the stunning, rapidly vanishing images from the Berlin Wall's east side, will be a featured exhibit at a symposium marking the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall at the University of Virginia, Nov. 3-9, in tandem with the 2014 Virginia Film Festival.

Twenty-four extra large prints from the Art of the Wall series, each six feet high, will be installed to surround the famed Rotunda, one of only three modern man-made sites in the United States to be internationally protected and preserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (the other two are the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall). The series has previously been exhibited in galleries and other venues around Chicago.

Gratitude to Jody Kielbasa, Director of the Virginia Film Festival and Vice Provost for the Arts at UVA, for the opportunity to be a part of such a milestone celebration of art and freedom.

August 2014


A fresh look at the clips you already love — and new ones you'll wanna share — from the web series about the world's oldest profession. No, not that. We're talking even older than that. (It's accounting. Without bean counters, the second oldest profession might not have been such a money maker.) Get your fix of the off-kilter folks at AmericaBest, and the cougar boss that's got big plans for the company. And the hots for Bernie. Get more at the Bernie vimeo channel.

June 2014



More fun with Pascal. In Episode 2, Pascal offers his American passengers advice on driving the speed limit (or not), reveals that the French don't like automatic transmission, and name-checks Richard Gere. Best line: "If you have an enemy, just push to 50." Watch the full Episode 2.

May 2014


A few minutes of our epic tour of Paris from the backseat of our good friend Pascal Fonquernie's Mégane convertible. Founder of the definitive online guide to all things Le Marais ( and a charming storyteller, Burgundy-born Pascal dispenses his singular brand of wit and wisdom while sharing an insider's take on Parisian history, landmarks and can't-miss restaurants — all the while navigating the city's streets in style.  

What does "joie de vivre" look like? This guy.


The little short that could continues to win over film and comedy festivals with its story about a Cartman-esque novice monk who disrupts the order of things at a centuries-old monastery.

The script for The Oblate has been a winner or finalist in a half dozen festivals in 2013-14, including L.A. Comedy Shorts, L.A. Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, Moondance International Film Festival, Kansas City Film Fest and ReelHeart International Film Festival in Toronto, and has three staged readings under its generously sized belt.

A trailer is being shot, a web series is being developed, and we've found our location. Comedy Ninja goes down May 30 in LA. Say a prayer for the Oblate.

Update: The Oblate took home the win!

April 2014


How's this for a happy accident? We met Montreal-born, fluent-in-French cellist Geneviève Guimond while grabbing coffee at Intelligentsia, so it seems we were destined to collaborate on music for a specialty coffee film: the Paris Coffee Project. We're excited to work with Geneviève, a Juilliard graduate and current Fellow in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, whose mentor for the 2013-2014 season is none other than, yes, Yo-Yo Ma.

More awesome-ness: Geneviève has won the grand prize at the Montreal Classical Music Festival (2000), first prize at the Canadian Music Competition (2005) and first prize at the National Music Festival (2007), and was featured as principal actor and musician in Canadian director Alex Franchi's award-winning film Troll Concerto, which was screened at Cannes and Toronto International film festivals. You may have seen her perform at Aspen Music Festival, the Schlern International Music Festival in Italy, Meadowmount in New York State, or any number of festivals throughout Quebec. If you haven't, check out Geneviève playing Julie-O on youtube.

Beyond classical, Geneviève is in a number of Chicago-based indie rock and folk projects, including Baby Cleo and Zamin, and has opened for Black Star, Brother Ali, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Yuna, and Rahim Al Haj. In fact, Baby Cleo is releasing its album tonight at the Whistler in Logan Square if you're in the 'hood.

March 2014


Chris Cady, Production Assistant

Chris recently graduated from Loyola University Chicago with magna cum laude honors and an armload of awards. The self-appointed darling of the Loyola's film program, Chris was the inaugural recipient of the university's Outstanding International Film and Media Studies Major award. His short films have screened at university competitions, winning Best Picture at Campus Movie Fest and securing a berth in the Short Film Corner at Cannes International Film Festival.

Prior to working on the Paris Coffee Project, Chris worked on a documentary on a cappella and recently saw his stop-motion animation short chosen by Chicago Filmmakers for its 2014 Short Story Showcase.

When not working on films, shooting videos for Chicago-area bands or taking classes at The Second City, Chris can be found drinking coffee and maintaining his rep as the nicest guy on the planet.

Amanda Kopec, Production Assistant

Fluent in French, Amanda is behind the translations and subtitles for the Paris Coffee Project. She recently graduated magna cum laude from Loyola where she double-majored in International Film Production and French. She is a member of Pi Delta Phi, the French National Honor Society recognizing outstanding scholarship in French language and Literature, and was the recipient of the Claudel Key Award for excellence in the study of French.

Among her film awards at Loyola, Amanda and her team won Best Comedy at Campus Movie Fest 2013 and, most recently, she served as the production designer on Muddy Girl, which nabbed first place at the 2014 Student Film Festival. In addition to independent film projects, she frequently works with Chicago Wilderness as a freelance videographer and web designer, creating videos that promote the importance of outdoor play for youth.

December 2013



Meet the Paris-based cast assembled for the workshopping of our latest narrative feature script, Satisfying Alice, a little comedy about three friends who discover they're all being treated by the same sex therapist. Clockwise from top left are Clara Kundin, Philippine de Saint-Exupery, Michael Maricondi and Zack Buell.

November 2013


Our new narrative feature, Satisfying Alice, has been selected to be workshopped by a Paris-based theatre company in January 2014. We will also be shooting winter 2013-2014 portions of a documentary on Paris' specialty coffee scene.

September 2013


We had a blast shooting the über-stylists of nationally acclaimed Michael & Michael salon as they worked their magic on the models backstage at the venerable Gold Coast Fashion Award Show at the Hilton. A couple of clips below.

Runway, Gold Coast Fashion Award Show 2013. from ideafarm films on Vimeo.

Backstage at the Gold Coast Fashion Award Show 2013. from ideafarm films on Vimeo.

August 2013


The little short that could: Moondance International Film Festival bestowed on our poignant little monk comedy, The Oblate, its best short screenplay award. Moondance is the short's sixth film fest win. The 13th annual Moondance happens Sept. 26-29 in Mystic, Conn.

June 2013


The Oblate received a primetime staged reading during the 9th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto. Monks in hoodies took control of the Big Picture Theatre stage Friday night and rocked a sold-out house. The fest review captures the spirit of brothers gone wild: "fist bumping and dry humping," all the while chanting their Gregorian rap. Awesome.

April 2013


Just returned from the amazing 2013 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Wayne Brady, host of the Red Carpet Awards, was a blast. Hats off to festival director Jeannie Roshar, artistic director Gary Anthony Williams, and fest producers Ryan Higman and Kelly Frazier for the best-run festival out there. We'll be back.


March 2013


The screenplay for our short film, The Oblate, has been named a winner at ReelHeart International Film Festival (Toronto) and Kansas City Film Fest (the script will receive a staged reading at both fests), and L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, which we're headed to this week courtesy of the awesome VIP passes they sent our way. We'll be giving a shout-out to all of our Second City and Loyola students when we do. The script earlier was a top 5 finalist at Vail Film Festival

February 2013


All hail Bernie, a new comedy web series about an old school accountant ideafarm created for BigTime Software. The series main characters, played by a lovely cast of some of Chicago's finest stage and comedy actors, include:

 Bernie Rootle (played by Eddie Wolfe)

Bernie, lovable Luddite and staff accountant at AmericaBest Consulting (ABC), likes to kicck it old school. He clings to obsolete tools and processes as if cherished family traditions — the kind of guy who shuns technology in favor of No. 2 pencils, and prefers sending interoffice docs instead of email. He has a soft spot for soft rock, a yen for Chinese food and couldn't live without his manual Mr. Coffee maker. His world is turned upside down when ABC installs a highly efficient time-and-billing software package.

Sandra Gloyd (played by Kathleen Puls Andrade)

Meet the ballsy new boss. Sandra is the curvaceous, flame-haired cougar who sets her sights — and outsized appetites — on Bernie. The trophy wife of ABC’s recently deceased founder (Bartholomew "Bart" Gloyd), Sandra has a head for numbers, a body built by carbs, and a knack for telling everyone else what to do. She’s hellbent on making changes around behind-the-times ABC, no matter how many toes she has to step on with her leopard print heels. She became CEO after duking it out with Bart's previous two previous wives over his assets.

Mitch Cox (played by Christopher Woolsey)

With bed-head hair and perpetually loosened tie, Mitch always looks like he just rolled in from an all-night party. As ABC’s lead sales rep, he has charm to spare —  a gift he uses to get Bernie into cleaning up his expense reports. Formerly a women’s shoe salesman, he knows just what to say to the ladies, but harbors a dark secret. His catchphrase, always said as he runs away from responsibility: “I’ve got a lunch!”

Carol Phipps (played by Heather Beeman)

ABC's HR manager, Carol is pretty in a buttoned-up way and serves as the firm’s resident cheerleader, a talent honed at her suburban Illinois high school. Carol floats from one staffer’s office to the next, offering advice and a sympathetic ear — usually while bringing yet another HR form to fill out. She’s Bernie’s biggest champion, pushing him to find his greater purpose. Her sunny optimism can be at times blinding.

Russell Bell (played by Justin James Farley)

The firm’s IT guy, Russell bears the facial hair and detached-slash-bored expression popular among the hipster nerd set. He “offices” in the break room, where he can be near his cappuccino maker. He’s always texting, and rarely looks up, yet he sees all — including Bernie’s many missteps in life, love and office politics. A cum laude in English Lit, he’s working on a roman à clef no one knows he’s writing via smartphone.

December 2012

A short film created for Michael & Michael. Click through to see in HD on Vimeo

Michael & Michael from ideafarm films on Vimeo.

September 2012

A sneak peek at the site we're developing for Michael & Michael showcasing the salon's work and services, all set against the backdrop of its stunning downtown space.

August 2012

Three ads in the new "&" series we created for Michael & Michael. The campaign kicks off this month in CS.

July 2012

Proud to have been chosen as jurors for the 2012 Chicago Comedy Film Festival, which will screen three days of comedy shorts and features Nov. 2 - Nov. 4 at DePaul University's School of Cinema and Interactive Media.

Read about the other jurors (including our good friend, Kath Puls, an amazing actress who recently rocked "The Boss" and plays a ball-busting Mother Superior in the long-running theatre hit, "Late Nite Catechism"). Click to read more.

* * * * *

ideafarm's latest ad for BigTime Software, a leading, venture capital-backed app, to mark the launch of its nationwide referral network, BigTeam. Below it, the larger-than-life trade show display that made a splash at the 2012 Scaling New Heights conference in Nashville.

June 2012
Gar was selected as one of the 100 artists for the 10th annual Wicker Park exhibition/benefit, “100 Canvases for Things That Matter.” The juried group show, which will run June 23 to July 28, will be capped off by the always groovy, open-air community bash, Sound System Block Party, on Milwaukee Ave.

Each artist was asked to create a piece interpreting the theme, “Things That Matter.” Gar’s piece is titled “Premonition.” Opening reception will be held June 23. Learn more at

April 2012

Say hello to ideafarm's new seedling, Annette ("A-Rad") Radziszewski.

Annette is smart, talented, and brings her mad skills to the position of Interactive Content and Analytics. She's a master of metrics, social media and ROI-based marketing, not to mention a gifted filmmaker. And when you look up the word "nice" in the dictionary? You'll find her picture.

Read more about Annette here and be sure to give her a shout and a warm digital hug over at our Facebook page. Just fyi, her birthday's coming up (April 22), so get those lunch and dinners on her iCal now, 'cause her dance card's filling up fast.

Welcome to the 'farm, A-Rad!

March 2012

 A couple screen grabs from the groovy new site we're helping develop for BigTime Software, a leading venture capital-backed time and billing app. Tagline: Because time is so money. (A nod to Swingers, for the uninitiated.) Click here and hit "see more" for the latest interation of BigTime's site.  



* * * * *

New poster for Ellen and Ted. We like.  

* * * * *

The Hoovers' dark comedy, The Little Death, took Best Dialogue honors at the 2011 Fresh Voices screenplay competition in L.A. The criteria for the award, as described by the competition: 

"Dialogue is the driving force of film, but one of the hardest things to pull off successfully. We're looking for dialogue that jumps of the page, is snappy, filled with memorable one-liners and feels natural and organic to the characters."

The script previously won Best Screenplay at Moondance International Film Festival and Asheville Film Festival, and took home the Silver in the comedy category at PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Stay tuned.

 * * * * *

Gar's street art series on the Berlin Wall, The Art of the Wall, kicks off a month-long solo show at Elephant Room Gallery in the South Loop. The exhibit runs March 12 - April 13. If you're in the 'hood, swing by and check it out.

February 2012

ideafarm's decidedly low-fi music video, Mississippi Gabe Sings the Blues, was named an official selection of the 5th annual Big Easy International Film and Music Festival.  It will screen as part of the festival's Documentary Shorts program at the New Orleans-based fest, which grew out of the rubble of Hurricane Katrina when Laura Martone, co-director of the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, decided to help in the effort to bring the arts culture back to her hometown. See the video here.

August 2011

See the latest Screen Magazine report the news that the Hoovers' script, The Little Death, was named a top ten finalist in the New Hampshire Film Festival script competition. It previously won best screenplay at Moondance International Film Festival and Asheville Film Festival, and took home the Silver in the comedy category at PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

moving picture [photo credit: ideafarm]

In all, the Hoovers' work has been recognized by more than two dozen festivals and competitions, including:

Moondance International Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival
Asheville Film Festival
L.A. Comedy Film Festival
L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival
Comedy Ninja Film Festival
PAGE International Awards (Comedy)
American Screenwriting Competition
ASA International Competition
Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Finalist & Other Honors:
New Hampshire Film Festival
Vail Film Festival
Kansas City Film Festival
ReelHeart International Film Festival (Toronto)
SoCal Independent Film Festival
Yosemite International Film Festival
Dixie Film Festival
Charleston International Film Festival
Liberty Film Festival
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
American Zoetrope Screenwriting
BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Austin Film Festival